Google Compute Engine Machine Type a2-ultragpu-1g

Accelerator-optimized Google Compute Engine machine type a2-ultragpu-1g with 12 vCPU and 170 GB memory. Available in 2 Google Cloud regions.

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Google Cloud VM a2-ultragpu-1g

Technical facts about the Google Compute Engine machine type a2-ultragpu-1g.

Series A2
Family Accelerator-optimized
vCPU 12
Memory 170 GB
CPU Manufactur Intel
CPU Platform
  • Intel Cascade Lake
CPU Base Frequency 2.2 GHz
CPU Turbo Frequency 2.9 GHz
CPU Max. Turbo Frequency 3.7 GHz
Accelerator (GPUs) 1
Accelerator Type nvidia-a100-80gb
EEMBC CoreMark Benchmark (?) -
EEMBC CoreMark Standard Deviation -
EEMBC CoreMark Sample Count -
SAP Standard Benchmark (?) -
Network Bandwidth 24 Gbps
Network Tier 1 -
Max. Disk Size 257 TB
Max. Number of Disks 128
Local SSD ✔️
SAP Application
Spot Provisioning Mode (Spot VM) ✔️
Sustained Use Discount (SUD)
GCE API Description Accelerator Optimized: 1 NVIDIA A100 80GB GPU, 12 vCPUs, 170GB RAM

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Costs (Pricing) for a2-ultragpu-1g

Average cost and pricing across all regions for Google Cloud VM a2-ultragpu-1g.

Avg. costs per hour 5.3451
Avg. costs per month 3901.93
Avg. costs per month with 1 year commitment (CUD) 3901.93
Avg. costs per month with 3 year commitment (CUD) 3901.93

Costs and pricing for Google Compute Engine machine type a2-ultragpu-1g in Google Cloud regions in which the VM is available.

Region Location #Zones #Platf. Hour ⬇️ Month 1Y CUD 3Y CUD
us-central1 Iowa 🍃 1 1 5.0277 3670.22 3670.22 3670.22
us-east4 Northern Virginia 1 1 5.6625 4133.64 4133.64 4133.64

Operating System Licenses Costs for a2-ultragpu-1g

Monthly costs for paid premium operating system licenses for Google Compute Engine machine type a2-ultragpu-1g.

Operating System Month 1Y CUD 3Y CUD
Microsoft Windows Server 402.96
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 80.3
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 94.9 75.92 72.27
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP 299.3 119.94 107.75
Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP 164.25 131.4 124.83

Machine Types with 12 vCPU

Name ⬇️ vCPU Memory Avg. costs per hour Avg. costs per month
a2-highgpu-1g 12 -85.00 85 Intel -1.44 3.9045 -1051.65 2850.28 Compare
a2-ultragpu-1g 12 170 Intel 5.3451 3901.93