Google Cloud Platform Pricing and Cost Calculator

Calculate estimated monthly costs of Google Cloud Platform products and resources on your local computer. Optimized for DevOps, architects and engineers to quickly see a cost breakdown and compare different options upfront:

Full control and no disclosure of any information and costs to third parties. Everything is calculated on your local computer. No need to have a connection to the Internet. Everything tested and matched against the actual invoice in large Google Cloud migration projects.

gcosts works on various OS and terminals, including Linux, macOS and Windows.

1. Create YAML file

Screenshot: Create YAML file

2. Run gcosts CLI program

Screenshot: Run gcosts CLI program

3. Open CSV file

Screenshot: Open CSV file


The gcosts pricing and cost calculator is Open Source software and free to use. You can find a detailed documentation and all download options on GitHub.

Linux macOS Windows


This project was the winner of the Google Open Source Peer Bonus in 2022.